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A Graduate Student (Teaching) Exchange Program between CCWS and the LSE CWSC (London School of Economics and Political Science Cold War Studies Centre)

Key Dates:

On 23 April 2003, UCSB and the LSE (the London School of Economics and Political Science) signed a reciprocal graduate student exchange agreement. During Spring 2004, UCSB graduate student Toshihiko Aono inaugurates
the exchange program by visiting the LSE while researching his dissertation. This past academic year (2005-2006) marks the first year that this exchange agreement is fully implemented, with a reciprocal exchange of graduate
students between UCSB and the LSE.

In Winter Quarter 2006, George Fujii visited the LSE and taught as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA) for HY 206: The International History of the Cold War. In Spring Quarter 2006, Garret Martin of the LSE reciprocates by visiting UCSB and teaching for Hasegawa’s History 4C: Western Civilization, 1715 to the present. Both praise the experience while also noting the differences in teaching methods and academic cultures between the two institutions (such as the greater specialization of the curriculum at the LSE versus the broader general education surveys offered at UCSB, for example).


The two Cold War Centers benefit from the closer ties made possible by the presence of these visiting informal liaisons. Students participating in the program benefit from broader teaching experience (useful for professional development) and access to faculty members and archives in the other country.

Future Directions:

The two Centers are exploring the possibility of expanding the program by exchanging course credits (so that UCSB graduate students could take LSE courses and receive UCSB credit, and vice versa), and by future faculty exchanges. These discussions are currently in the preliminary stage.




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