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At the heart of CCWS's activities are the international conferences, symposiums, and workshops that it sponsors with its various partner institutions and UCSB departments. These events bring together faculty and graduate students from across the United States and abroad to pioneer new directions in Cold War history and diplomatic/foreign relations history.


Scam Alert: In recent weeks, unauthorized third parties have been sending out emails to members of the academic and public policy community, inviting them to attend fictitious conferences purportedly hosted by CCWS or by the affiliated Cold War Centers at George Washington University and the London School of Economics. Evidently, there is nothing we can do about these hoax emails other than alert their potential recipients. If you receive an "invitation" to a CCWS, GWU, or LSE Cold War event that does not bear the email address of one of those universities, you can assume that it is fraudulent. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this problem may cause you.


The UCSB-GWU-LSE International Graduate Student Conferences on the Cold War

A UCSB tradition since 1996 and sponsored in cooperation with the George Washington (University) Cold War Group (GWCW), and the LSE Cold War Studies Centre (CWSC). These graduate student conferences showcase exciting new scholarship on the Cold War era by an international contingent of graduate student presenters. UCSB and GWU first jointly sponsored this conference in 2003 (previously, both institutions had organized separate annual conferences) and the LSE joined as a co-sponsor in 2005.

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