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UCSB History Associates

From Our President

The UCSB History Associates was created in 1987 with the dual purpose of bringing members of the community interested in history together with UCSB faculty through an annual program of lunches and lectures, and raising money to support graduate training in History at UCSB. We invite you to become part of this exciting and informative partnership.

Sears McGee  

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Phone: (805) 893-4388
Email: jscmgee@history.ucsb.edu

First Fellows The UCSB History Associates presented their first graduate awards in October 1989. Shown in this photo are (l. to r.): Pat Sheppard, UCSB Director of Graduate Financial Support; Damazo Majak (Collins), Tomás Salinas (Garcia), Viviana Marsano (Gollin), History Associates Founding President Dick Cook, and History Chair Hal Drake. The Associates raised $1500 that first year; recent awards have totalled more than $50,000!