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Xiaowei Zheng

Current Courses

Winter 2015 (tentative)

Spring 2015 (tentative)

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Current Graduate Students

Modern China

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., UC San Diego, 2009

Office: HSSB 4219
Fall 2014 Hours: By Appointment

I am an assistant professor in History and EALCS. My research interests include local history of the Qing dynasty and early republican political culture, with a special focus on the emergence of popular nationalism and the potential of republicanism. I am also attracted to revolutions. I hope to understand people’s motivations and choices in the swirl of a revolution.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Qing History
  • Republican and People's Republic of China

Current Projects

  • The 1911 Revolution and the Making of Modern Chinese Politics
    Political Culture, Protest Repertoires, Nationalism, and Constitutionalism in the 1911 Revolution (Under Review)

Selected Publications

  • "Jiangou xinde lixian guojia: Xuantong yuannian Sichuan Ziyiju de taolun"
    In Zhongguo shixuehui ed., Jinian Xinhai geming yibai zhounian guoji xueshu yantaohui lunwenji (Beijing: Shehui kexue wenxian chubanshe), forthcoming in 2015.
  • “Life and Memory of Sent-down Youth in Yunnan”
    In James Cook, Joshua Goldstein, Matthew Johnson, and Sigrid Schmalzer, eds., Visualizing Modern China: Image, History, and Memory, 1750-Present (Lexington Books, 2014), 96-119.
  • “Configuring a Constitutional State: Officials and Assemblymen at the 1909 Sichuan Provincial Assembly Meeting”
    Twentieth-Century China Vol. 38, No. 3 (October 2013): 230-253.
  • “The Railway Movement in Chengdu: Sovereignty of the Nation and Rights of the People"
    In Ogata Yasushi ed., The 1911 Revolution in Global History (Tokyo: Kyuko Shoin, 2013), 196-222.
  • “Qinghua University and Chinese Politics during the Cultural Revolution”
    In Alfreda Murck ed., Mao’s Golden Mangoes and the Chinese Cultural Revolution (Museum Rietberg Zurich, 2013), 16-35.
  • "Loyalty, Anxiety and Opportunism: Local Elite Activism during the Taiping Rebellion in Zhejiang, 1851-1864"
    Late Imperial China Vol. 30, No. 2 (December 2009): 39-83.
  • "Passion, Reflection and Survival: Political Choices of Red Guards at Qinghua University, June 1966-July 1968"
    In Joseph Esherick, Paul Pickowicz , and Andrew Walder, eds., China’s Cultural Revolution As History (Stanford University Press, 2006), 29-63.

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  • HIST 185A Modern China: The Qing Empire
  • HIST 185B Modern China: Republican and People's Republic of China
  • HIST 185P Proseminar on Cultural Revolution
  • HIST 200AS Graduate Seminar: Historical Literature on Asia
  • CHIN 185CR/285CR Seminar on Cultural Revolution
  • HIST 204 Research Workshop

Honors and Professional Activities

  • 2011 Hellman Family Fellowship
  • 2011 Faculty Career Development Fellowship
  • 2010 Regents Junior Faculty Fellowship
  • 2009 Center for East Asian Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University
  • 2007 UCSD Humanities Center’s Writing Fellowship
  • 2006 Pacific Rim Dissertation Research Fellowship
  • 2005 SSRC International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship
  • 2002 Yale University Henry Fan Fellowship
  • 2000 Peking University Academic Excellence Prize