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Sharon Farmer

Current Courses

Fall 2014 (current)

  • History 117C
    Women, the Family, and Sexuality in the Middle Ages [cross listed]
  • History 215E
    Research Seminar in Medieval Social History

Winter 2015 (tentative)

Spring 2015 (tentative)

Department Fields


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Current Graduate Students

Medieval: Women, Social, Religious

Ph.D., Harvard University, 1983

Office: HSSB 4239
Phone: (805) 893-2543   Fax: (805) 893-8795

My current academic interests include medieval women and gender, relations between Northern France and the Mediterranean, medieval environmental history, and the history of the Bible in the medieval and early modern periods.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Medieval women and gender, medieval towns, medieval poor, relations between western Europe and the east

Current Projects

  • Medieval Paris and the Mediterranean:
    The Origins of the Paris Silk Industry in the Thirteenth Century (article)
  • From Personal Charity to Social Welfare
    The Evolution of Poor Relief in Paris, c. 1250-1600 (article forthcoming in a volume on poverty and religion in medieval and early modern Europe, ed. by Anne Scott)
  • La Zisa/Gloriette:
    Cultural Interaction and the Architecture of Entertainment in Medieval Sicily, France, and Britain (article to appear in the Journal of the British Archaeological Association, July 2013)
  • Book Project:
    The Origins of the Paris Silk Industry in the Thirteenth Century

Selected Publications

  • "Aristocratic Power and the 'Natural' Landscape: The Garden Park at Hesdin, c. 1291-1302"
    Speculum: A Journal of Medieval History 88(2013), issue 3, pp. 644-680
  • Surviving Poverty in Medieval Paris: Gender, Ideology and the Daily Lives of the Poor
    Cornell University Press, 2002
  • Communities of Saint Martin: Legend and Ritual in Medieval Tours
    Cornell University Press, 1991
  • "Parisian Merchant Women and the Administrative Glass Ceiling in HIgh Medieval Paris"
    in _Women and Wealth in Late Medieval Europe_, ed. Theresa Earenfight (Palgrave, 2010)
  • "Low Country Ascetics and Oriental Luxury: Jacques de Vitry, Marie of Oignies, and the Treasures of Oignies"
    in: _History in the Comic Mode: Medieval Communities and the Matter of Person_, ed. by Rachel Fulton and Bruce Holsinger (2007)
  • "Biffes, Tiretaines, and Aumonieres: The Role of Paris in the International Textile Markets of the 13th and 14th c."
    in _Medieval Clothing and Textiles 2(2006): 73-89
  • "The Leper in the Master Bedroom: Thinking Through a Thirteenth-Century Exemplum"
    in _Framing the Family: Narrative and Representation in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods_, ed.Wolfthal and Voaden (MRTS, 2005)
    Leper in the Master Bedroom.pdf
  • Gender and Difference in the Middle Ages
    co-edited with Carol Pasternack (Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2003)
  • Monks and Nuns, Saints and Outcasts: Religion in Medieval Society
    co-edited with Barbara Rosenwein (Cornell University Press, 2000)
  • "Young, Male and Disabled,"
    in _Le petit peuple dans la société de l’Occident médiéval, terminologies, perceptions, réalités_, ed. by Pierre Boglioni, Robert Delort and Claude Gauvard (Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, 2001)
    Farmer2001YoungMaleand Disabled.pdf

Honors and Professional Activities

  • Guggenheim Fellowship
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship
  • Membership, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton