Personal Statement:

I study twentieth century U.S. labor and political history. My dissertation examines how interracial working-class mobilization shaped the rise (and fall) of the liberal wing of the Republican Party.

Dissertation Title:

A New Deal-ized Grand Old Party: Labor, Civil Rights, and the Remaking of American Liberalism, 1935-1973”

Selected Publications:

“The Little People’s Century: Industrial Pluralism, Economic Development, and the Emergence of Liberal Republicanism in California, 1942-1946,” Journal of American History, 102 (March 2015): 1166-89


“A ‘New Dealized’ Grand Old Party: Labor and the Emergence of Liberal Republicanism in Minneapolis, 1937-1939,” Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, 11 (Summer, 2014): 35-59     

Teaching Fields:

Labor and political economy

US urban politics

Public policy and institutional development

Race and class formation

Courses Taught:

United States History, 1929-1959

Labor Studies Research and Internship Seminar