Title Swastika-crossroads image [Art Spiegelman, Maus (NY: Pantheon, 1986), I, 125]

Doc. 1 Martin Niemöller Quotation [http://www.history.ucsb.edu/faculty/marcuse/niem.html]
a. speech Jan. 6, 1946;
b. quotation 1946 in three variations;
c. three contemporary modifications.

Doc. 2 Former Dachau concentration camp, aerial views and plans
[Marcuse, Legacies of Dachau, 2001]
a. aerial view in 1956 (as a housing project for refugees)
b. aerial view ca. 1970 (as a museum and memorial site)
c. plan explaining the buildings’ past and present uses
d. plan for conversion to a "green" memorial site without a museum, 1960.

Doc. 3 Rudolf Höss
a. encyclopedia article [Snyder, Encyclopedia of the Third Reich, 1976/1989, 166f]
b. "Some Final Thoughts," [Paskuly (ed.), Death Dealer, 1996, 182-186]
c. Final letters to his wife and children, 11 April 1947 [pp.189-195]

Doc. 4 Speeches by U.S. presidents in West Berlin [Public Papers of the Presidents]
a. Lyndon Johnson (as vice president), Aug. 19, 1961
b. John Kennedy, June 26, 1963
c. Richard Nixon, Feb. 27, 1969
d. Jimmy Carter, July 15, 1978
e. Ronald Reagan, June 12, 1987