Anne Frank Remembered

By: Miep Gies

†Reviewed by: Mara Jacobson (about the author) (back to main page)

††††††††††† The memoirs of Miep Gies, entitled Anne Frank Remembered, reveal the secret world of a valiant woman who sheltered the Frank family and several other Jews in a secret annex during World War II.† Gies was a trusted employee of Otto Frank, Anneís father, and with the help of her husband she took on the noble responsibility of concealing and providing for the Jews that were trying to escape torture and death.†

††††††††††† The circumstances described in Giesís book illustrate her great courage and determination, as she adhered to her humanitarian convictions despite the great risk to her own life.† Gies developed a close relationship with Anne, and her story provides a new perspective on the legendary figure.† In addition to providing a fresh insight into Anneís personal thoughts, actions and character, Gies also presents valuable information about how the Nazis occupation affected the lives of countless innocent people.† Giesís personal description of the persecution Jews faced in Europe is incredibly powerful, and I found it enlightening to read about it from the standpoint of someone who was not victim to this horrendous treatment. I personally enjoyed reading Giesís story because she gave an eyewitness account of what actually happened, to both the Franks and to the European community. Giesís book opened my eyes to what life was like for many non-Jews living during Hitlerís reign.† Reading Giesís story and her portrayal of Anne allowed me to think of the holocaust from a point of view that had not yet occurred to me. I felt that the book allowed me to learn even more about Anneís life because I was able to see her from another perspective, as a young, ill-fated girl.

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