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I came across this website while searching the internet for information on the life Anne Frank.  This site was created by three Western Michigan University students in Spring of 2003 and is ideal for anyone who desires to learn detailed facts about Anne’s life, as it provides a timeline of her short life, quotes from her diary and information about her family and daily life.  In addition, the site presents a great deal of material regarding the concentration camps that Anne was sent to, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.  Finally, the website offers a chronological history of the holocaust, as well as links to other sites on the holocaust               

            I really enjoyed exploring this website because it offered so much information about Anne Frank in such an easily accessible manner.  The links on the site help the reader gain a better understanding of who Anne was and where she came from, thus providing insight into her deepest desires, motivations, fears and emotions.  I also liked the fact that the website presented various poems and quotes that allowed the reader to connect with Anne on a more emotional, personal level.  Although some of the pictures displayed are very hard to view because they depict so much death and hatred, they are vital in the pursuit of knowledge about this horrible time.  Furthermore, I found this website to be an excellent tool for those who are just beginning to learn about the events of the holocaust.  The site is incredibly clear and informative, since it highlights the importance of Anne’s life in relation to the holocaust itself.  The website uses Anne as a figure from which to gain a broader understanding of the unimaginable events that were endured by countless innocent Jews during the holocaust. 

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