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            This is the official website of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.  It includes four main sections with the titles: Anne Frank House, Anne Frank, Diary, and Activities.  Each section is also divided up into subtopics, which provide a lot of facts and pictures.  For example, in the section about the actual Anne Frank House, there is information about the different areas of the attic, the people who helped, and the people who were in hiding.  There are also many quotes provided from various entries of Anne’s diary that go along with the different topics.

            I really enjoyed exploring this website because I have always wanted to see the Anne Frank House.  "ter reading her diary, I think it would be so fascinating to see the actual place where she wrote her thoughts and feelings.  The pictures the website provides are very interesting.  One effective thing is that some of the pictures have buttons you can click on that turn them into a video, for example one that shows the annex door opening.  This website also covers a lot of background on Anne and the people who were in hiding with her.  The facts that are presented are very detailed, such as the description of the Annex.  This is a beneficial website to go to if you want to match the information you already know about Anne and her diary to the actual Annex.  This website demonstrates how people all over the world have been touched by Anne and those who were in hiding with her because it makes clear the fact that people want to know more about what went on in the attic they lived in for over two years.

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