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            This website is titled, “Anne Frank the Writer.”  The site is a project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and focuses on the fact that Anne did not simply keep a diary, as many young girls do.  She was a writer and her diary entries show that she was a very good writer even at the age of 15.  While in the Annex, Anne also wrote short stories, fairy tales, and essays, which she copied into a notebook that she made look like a published book.  The main component of this website is an interactive video with slides that the user can click on to get various sounds and images that depict Anne‘s life.  It is split between five main sections, which are titled: First Entries, Going Into Hiding, Anne as a Writer, Final Entries, and Give. 

            This website is great for anyone who is interested in Anne Frank or wants to learn more about her.  The video is full of facts about Anne, which are presented in a fun and creative way.  The voice that is used is very powerful because it sounds like it really could be Anne, and it is full of feeling, which adds to the emotion of the words.  The pictures are really amazing to see, especially when the photos have her thoughts written next to them.  The site even includes the only known film footage of Anne.  This website would be very helpful for children learning about the Holocaust or studying Anne Frank specifically.  The facts about the Holocaust are incorporated in a way that makes you forget that you are learning.  For example, the voice of Anne explains the bad things that were happening to the Jews, such as being forced to wear the yellow stars, and images go along with her words.  The site is also very easy to use, so kids of any age can use it and learn while having fun.

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