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   is probably one of the most extensive websites devoted to the renowned and celebrated young girl.  The website contains everything imaginable that one would want to learn about Anne’s history, life and legacy.  The vast amount of material on the site proves just how widespread her influence has been and how greatly she has affected those who study the holocaust.  The site contains links to stories about Anne’s life, hardships and diary.  Furthermore, the Anne Frank Center in New York City, which sponsors the website, uses the site to promote their universal message of tolerance and education. 

This website inspired me as I browsed through it because it illustrated the power that Anne’s diary has had on so many individuals in the world.  Through her personal thoughts, Anne has managed to spread messages of compassion, respect, tolerance and peace on a worldwide level.  The site features various exhibitions and programs that work to encourage social unity and spread the principle of accepting of all groups of people, despite their race, religion or ethnicity.  I found it very encouraging that the site mentions the fact that Anne Frank’s diary has been translated into over 67 languages and over 31 million copies of it has been sold.  This means that in their quest for knowledge about the holocaust, students worldwide are using Anne’s life as a reference to guide them through this turbulent time in history.  Anne’s life is shaping the way in which many people view the events of the holocaust, and her diary helps them gain a better understanding of what life was really like during the Nazi period.  Hopefully, Anne’s message and the understanding people gain from the holocaust will help promote a tolerant, peaceful future for the entire world.

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