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UCSB Hist 2c: World History, 1700-present

2003 Sample Papers

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2003 Paper Assignment
Paper Draft 1:
Debate on Human Cloning
Paper Draft 2:
Noam Chomsky on US Media
Paper Draft 3:
Campus Visit by
Dennis Kucinich
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2006 Sample Papers

Introduction (back to top)

I offer here three sample papers from my 2003 offering of this course to help students to envisage my expectations for the 2nd paper assignment. However, in 2006 I've added a research component to the assignment, which these papers do not include. In each I've inserted some handwritten comments to show some of the research questions students might have addressed (if it had been required). I realize that in order to have space to address the research question(s), the 2006 papers will not go into as much detail about the events themselves, as the 2003 papers did.

The most frequently asked question I hear is: "I don't know what you want/expect us to do." In answer, I offer the following formulation of my goals for this paper assignment:

  • Goal 1: The Relevance of History in the Present. Since History 2c ("World History, 1700-present") satisfies the UC Santa Barbara General Education "Culture and Thought" requirement and may thus be one of only 2 history courses many students take during college, I (Prof. Marcuse) think that it is important that students relate what they learn in the course to ongoing events and discussion in the world around us. I think that basing this paper assignment on campus events occurring during the quarter is a good way to ensure this.
  • Goal 2: How to conduct research. At the core of all disciplines is the need to gather information (conduct research), and then analyze and interpret it. After reading through papers from 2003, I realized that that assignment was not achieving the research goal. Students were doing an excellent job recapitulating the arguments of the event, but they were not going beyond that to assess the validity of the evidence presented there. Since this is a key skill for historians, I have included this component in 2006.
  • Goal 3: How to present one's results in writing. A core skill to be learned in college is how to present one's research results to others. In this course the first paper assignment (an examination of the arguments in Olaudah Equiano's autobiography) is an examination of someone else's attempt to inform his audience of his analysis and insights. For the second paper students must research and present their own results. The submission of a draft and a final version offers the opportunity to learn from the comments and improve the final product.

The 2003 Assignment [from the 2003 syllabus] (back to top)

  1. Event/book analysis. (At least 1000 words, ca. 4 pages)
    Attend several of the outside events listed on the course web site (or others approved by your TA). Write a paragraph or two summarizing one of them, including what the author's intention(s) and arguments were. [added for 2006: Do some background research on the author or topic, so that you can assess it or put it into (a historical) context.] Then relate the film/talk/presentation to one or more of the themes of the course. Discuss the insights that you gained by applying what you have learned in this course.

Sample Paper 1 (back to top)

Jeff S. on a debate about human cloning, May 6, 2003

Cloning paper, p. 1

Human Cloning, p. 2 (back to top)
Cloning paper, p. 2

Human Cloning, p. 3 (back to top)
Cloning paper, p. 3

Human Cloning, p. 4 (back to top)
Cloning paper, p. 4

Sample Paper 2 (back to top)

Susan A. on lecture by Noam Chomsky, May 2003

Chomsky paper, p.  1

Chomsky on Media, p. 2 (back to top)
Chomsky paper, p. 2

Chomsky on Media, p. 3 (back to top)
Chomsky paper, p.  3

Chomsky on Media, p. 4 (back to top)
Chomsky paper, p.  4

Sample Paper 3 (back to top)

Ross B. on campus visit by Dennis Kucinich, May 12, 2003

Kucinich paper, p. 1

Kucinich visit, p. 2 (back to top)
Kucinich paper, p. 2

Kucinich visit, p. 3 (back to top)
Kucinich paper, p. 3

Kucinich visit, p. 4 (back to top)
Kucinich paper, p.  4

2003 Paper Assignment
Paper Draft 1:
Debate on Human Cloning
Paper Draft 2:
Noam Chomsky on US Media

Paper Draft 3:
Campus Visit by
Dennis Kucinich
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