UCSB Hist 2c, L 19: Practicing History / The Cold War
Prof. H. Marcuse, 6/3/03

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Post-midterm essay question:
2. Some historians have argued that "great men make history." Others argue that history is really the story of common people, including especially women, since their status is often a more accurate measure of the nature of a society. Using at least five examples from at least four regions of the globe since the 1880s, argue why (or why not) the history of women and gender relations is relevant to the course of world history. Feel free to consider broader issues such as what our textbook calls the "population bomb."

Women on+in amusement car in 1927 adThe Accidental Historian: Images and Other Stuff

by Sandra Dawson

Is this history?


Waking Sleeping Beauty: Sex and the Cold War

by Carolyn Lewis

What were physicians saying about female sexuality?

What role does the physician play in all this? The Premarital Pelvic Exam

What does this have to do with the Cold War? Domestic Containment

The Cold War

What was it?

When did it begin? When did it end?

lecture by H. Marcuse on 6/3/03; outline prepared for web on 6/3/03.
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