UCSB Hist 2c, L 18: World History and One Individual:
"Historical Witness" Nina Morecki

by Professor H. Marcuse, May 29, 2003

Question: How can one individual make sense of historical events s/he has experienced?

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The film clip ended with scenes from the Warsaw ghetto:

Atlas map from Lvov to Dniepropetrovxk

Map of Janowska


Boulder Memorial behind Janowska CampOld mill building at SolukyNina with Family at Soluky; old woman knew fatherNina's family tree

After this slide show Nina began her letter, then 6 students read it aloud for about 40 mins., then Nina answered questions. A video tape is available for viewing in Kerr Hall.

lecture by H. Marcuse on 5/29/03; outline prepared for web on 6/3/03.
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