Hist 2c, L 16: Modernization: Japan, China, India
by Prof. H. Marcuse, May 22, 2003

Question (last time): What is the most effective way to quickly modernize a state or society?What is "effective"? How can we assess the costs and benefits of "development"?Short answer: It depends on how we measure and value the human costs.
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    How to quickly and effectively modernize a state or society:

    "Modernization" / "Development"

    Film clips

    CNN, ca. 2000, 5:20 mins.

    India: An open (political) system with closed minds (re: values & behavior)
    China: A closed system with open minds.

    "Third World"

    Defining 3 "Worlds"

    Political system:
    US bloc, Soviet bloc, other
    capitalist, communist, non-aligned
    What countries?

    Economic system:
    free, command, "un-/underdeveloped"
    What countries?Measures of "development"
    poverty (income), agriculture/industry, urbanization, education, class equity, population growth, health, "independence"

    World demographic mapWorld Demographic Map

    Japan (text p. 590f)

    China (text p. 587f)

    India (text. 635ff)

    India vs. China

    lecture by H. Marcuse on 5/22/03; outline prepared for web on 5/22/03.
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