Hist 2c, L 15: Authoritarian Governments
by Prof. H. Marcuse, May 20, 2003

Question: What is the most effective way to quickly modernize a state or society?
Short answer: Tight control in the hands of an authoritarian leader.

Last Time

How to make LASTING changes in history:

Pros and cons of violence

Types of violence For effecting (lasting) change

Does violence beget violence?

Film clip: Russia 1900-1995

CNN, ca. 2000, 6 mins. Authoritarian Rule
  1. Economic Security
  2. International Security
  3. Democratic Institutions
Louis XIV in 1701: absolutist rulerAuthoritarian Rule: Ex. 1: Absolutism Followed by world-histor. developments Napoleon crossing St. Bernard, 1800Authoritarian Rule: Ex. 2: Bonapartism Followed by world-hist. devel. Mussolini and Hitler, late 1930sAuthoritarian Rule: Ex. 3: Totalitarianism Followed by world-hist. devel. Authoritarian Rule: Ex. 3a: Fascism (Italy) Authoritarian Rule: Ex. 3b: National-Socialism Authoritarian Rule: Ex. 3c: Stalinism
lecture by H. Marcuse on 5/20/03; outline prepared for web on 5/23/03.
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