UCSB Hist 2c, L 14: Women's Suffrage & Women's Rights
by Prof. H. Marcuse, May 13, 2003

Question: What factors determine whether implemented changes are LASTING?Short answer: Ideas and practice must change. Announcement: paper due and grading equity

Last Time

Causes of BIG changes in history:

When is violence necessary?

Depends on Cross-Class Allegiances

Euro-US Suffrage Movement (1)

Emily Davison at Derby Day 1913Suffrage Movement (3)

Emily Davison at Derby, 1913Suffrage Movement (4)

From violence to non-violence:

Suffrage Movement (5)

Women's suffrage around the globe

Women in Turkey (1)

Women in Turkey (2)

Women in Turkey (3)

lecture by H. Marcuse on 5/15/03; outline prepared for web on 5/22/03.
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