UCSB Hist 2c, L 12: World War I
by Prof. H. Marcuse, May 8, 2003

Question: How does WW1 fit into world history? Textbook (Adler, World Civilizations) chapter summary (p. 541) The system erected by Bismarck to keep France isolated and helpless broke down after the impetuous William II took over the direction of foreign policy in Berlin. Within a decade, the blocs that would contest WW1 had been formed. When a Serbian nationalist youth assassinated the heir to the Austrian throne in 1914, a general war broke out that, contrary to expectations, lasted for more than four years.The battlefields where huge slaughters took place were matched in importance by the home fronts, where governments intervened in unprecedented ways to spur the civilian war effort. Women in particular were affected, as the desperate need for labor impelled politicians in all countries to forget prewar restrictions on female activity. Preceding Events Model of Causation in History 2 leaders, 2 paradigms Otto v Bismarck (1815-1898) William II (1859-1941) "Little" events & their consequences Arrest of Gavrilo Princip, 1914 World Trade Center, 2001 Course of WW1 New type of warfare War casualty statistics Announcements

lecture by H. Marcuse on 5/8/03; outline prepared for web on 5/11/03.
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