Hist 2c, L 9: Africa
by H. Marcuse, Apr. 29, 2003

Question: What effects did/does global differential development have on Africa?

Music: Babatunde Olatunji,
(1927-Apr. 6, 2003)
"Akiwowo" (Chant to the trainman)

Refresher: Latin America

Determining factors

Marcuse's model of historical causality, 2003 verisionModel of Historical Causality


People (elites): Individual Inventors

Ideas: Battle of the pamphlets





Apr. 6, 2003 LA Times article on genocide in CongoUS perceptions of Africa (LA Times, Apr. 6, 2003)

4 mio. deaths since 1999; 600,000 by violence

Scramble for Africa, 1880s

Compare maps of Africa in the 1780s and Africa in 1914

Africa film clip

lecture by H. Marcuse on 4/29/03; outline prepared for web on 4/30/03, updated 5/7/03.
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