UCSB Hist 2c, L 4:
Political/Social/Cultural Revolution: France, 1789-
by H. Marcuse, Apr. 10, 2003

music: songs of the French Revolution:
La Carmagnole, Cadet Rouselle,
Ça ira, Marseillaise

Define "revolution"

Theory (quotation L03)

Theory is not "gray."

It is the horizon of the possible, a roadmap that shows new ways of doing old things, and new places to go.

Theory is freedom from the apparently unchangeable way things are, which it unmasks as one possibility among hundreds.

Theory breaks the ruts of coincidence and gives us the courage to undertake voyages of discovery. It makes every step we take an act of free choice.

Theory does not have to be true to inspire great works--most great discoveries were based on false hypotheses!

Theory: "the" French Revolution

Phases (p. 442)

"After" the revolution

Napoleon Bonaparte, (1769-1821)



Origins of the Revolution

Battle of the pamphlets [we did not get to this]

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lecture by H. Marcuse on Apr. 10, 2003, outline prepared for web 4/14/03