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Germany after 1945:
Books for Review Essays

compiled for UCSB Hist 133c: "Germany after 1945"

by Professor Harold Marcuse (homepage)
contact: marcuse@history.ucsb.edu
page begun April 9, 2007; last update: 4/1/08

1940s & 1950s
1960s & 1970s
1980s & 1990s
Topical List
Index of Already Published Essays

To Add for Fall 2008 (back to top)

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    • Donna Harsch: Revenge of the Domestic. Women, the Family, and Communism
      in the German Democratic Republic, Princeton / Oxford: Princeton
      University Press 2007, ISBN 978-0-691-05929-7
      Rezensiert von: Michael Schwartz
    • Peter Jelavich: Berlin Alexanderplatz. Radio, Film and the Death of
      Weimar Culture, Berkeley: University of California Press 2006, ISBN
      Rezensiert von: Tobias Becker
    • Keith Lowe: Inferno. The Devastation of Hamburg 1943, London: Viking
      2007, ISBN 9780670915576
      Rezensiert von: Malte Thießen
    • Jeannette Z. Madarász: Working in East Germany. Normality in a Socialist
      Dictatorship, 1961-79, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2006, ISBN
      Rezensiert von: Jens Gieseke

1940s & 1950s (back to top)

  • Early post-1945 period
    • Maria Höhn, GIs and Fräuleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany (UNC, 2002) (amazon)
    • Elizabeth Heinemann, What Difference Does a Husband Make? Women and Marital Status in Nazi and Postwar Germany (UC, 2003) (amazon)
    • Michael Brenner, Rebuilding Jewish Lives in Postwar Germany (Princeton, 1997)
    • Jay Howard Geller, Jews in Post-Holocaust Germany, 1945-1953 (Cambridge, 2004)(amazon)
  • 1950s
    • Heide Fehrenbach, Cinema in Democratizing Germany: Reconstructing of National Identity After Hitler (UNC 1995)(amazon)
    • Johannes von Moltke. No Place Like Home - Locations of Heimat in German
      (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005). (amazon)
    • Stefan Heym, Five days in June: A Novel (Prometheus, 1978 [1974]) UCSB: PT2617.E948 F813
    • Robert Moeller, Protecting Motherhood: Women and the Family in the Politics of Postwar West Germany (UC, 1996)(amazon)
    • Robert Moeller, War Stories: The Search for a Usable Past in the Federal Republic of Germany (UC, 2003)(amazon)
    • Norbert Frei, Adenauer's Germany and the Nazi Past (Columbia, 2002)(amazon)

1960s & 1970s (back to top)

  • 1960s
    • David and Barbara Bloomfield, Passageway West: My Escape From East Germany (Frist Books, 2003)(amazon)
    • David Schoenbaum, The Spiegel Affair (Doubleday, 1968) UCSB: DD259.2 S37
    • Jeremy Varon, Bringing the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary Violence in the Sixties and Seventies (UC, 2004)(amazon)
    • Nick Thomas. Protest Movements in 1960s West Germany: A Social History of Dissent and Democracy. Oxford and New York: Berg, 2003. xv + 277 pp. (H-German rev. 6/05)
  • 1970s
    • Eric D. Weitz, Creating German Communism, 1890-1990 (Princeton, 1996)(amazon)
    • Lee McGowan, The Radical Right in Germany: 1870 to the Present (Longman, 2003), 224 pages (amazon)

1980s & 1990s (back to top)

  • Process of German Unification, 1989-1990
    • Jonathan Grix. The Role of the Masses in the Collapse of the GDR (amazon)
    • A. James McAdams, Judging the Past in Unified Germany (amazon)
    • Konrad H. Jarausch, The Rush to German Unity (Oxford, 1994) (amazon)
    • Harold James and Marla Stone (eds.), When the Wall Came Down: Reactions to German Unification (Routledge, 1992)(amazon)
    • Elizabeth Pond, Beyond the Wall: Germany's Road to Unification (Brookings, 1993),384 pages (amazon)
    • Christian Joppke, East German Dissidents and the Revolution of 1989: Social Movement in a Leninist Regime (1995), 277pp. UCSB: DD289 .J67 1995
    • Dirk Philipsen, Voices from East Germany's Revolutionary Autumn of 1989 (amazon)
    • Peter Marcuse, A Personal and Political Journal of a Year in East Germany, 1989-1990 (amazon)
    • Robert Darnton, Berlin Journal, 1989-1990
  • Post-Unification (life after 1990)
    • Paul Cooke, Representing East Germany since Unification: From Colonization to Nostalgia (Berg, 2005) (pub's site)
    • Marc Fisher, After the Wall: Germany, the Germans, and the Burdens of History (Simon & Shuster, 1995), 352 pages (amazon)

Topical list (back to top)

  • Long Topical Overviews of German History
    • Eric D. Weitz, Creating German Communism, 1890-1990 (Princeton, 1996)(amazon)
    • Lee McGowan, The Radical Right in Germany: 1870 to the Present (Longman, 2003), 224 pages (amazon)
    • Marc Cioc, The Rhine: An Eco-Biography, 1815-2000 (Seattle: Univ. of Washington, 2002)(searchable at amazon)
  • Legacies of Nazism
    • Jeffrey Herf, Divided Memory: The Nazi Past in the Two Germanies (Harvard, 1997)
    • Rachael Seiffert, The Dark Room (Vintage, 2001/2005)(amazon)
    • Jonathan Wiesen, West German Industry and the Challenge of the Nazi Past, 1945-1955 (UNC, 2001)(amazon)
  • Life in the GDR
    • Joel Agee, Twelve Years: An American Boyhood in East Germany (Chicago, 2000), about 1948-1960 (amazon).
      • See also Agee's mother's 176-page memoir: Alma Neuman, Always Straight Ahead: A Memoir (LSU, 1993)(amazon) [2 students could work as a team on both books]
    • Joshua Feinstein, The Triumph of the Ordinary: Depictions of Daily Life in the East German Cinema. 1949-1989 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2002)
    • Daniela Berghahn, Hollywood Behind the Wall: The Cinema of East Germany (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2005). (H-German rev. 3/07)
    • Gareth Dale. Popular Protest in East Germany: Judgments on the Streets,
      . New York: Routledge, 2005. 246 pp. UCSB: DD286.4 .D35 2005
    • Feiwel Kupferberg. The Rise and Fall of the German Democratic Republic. New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 2002. xi + 228 pp. Notes, bibliography, index. UCSB: DD283 .K86 2002 [4/03 H-German review]
    • Konrad H. Jarausch (ed.), Dictatorship As Experience: Towards a Socio-Cultural History of the GDR (amazon) --as an anthology, perhaps not suitable
    • Mary Fulbrook, Anatomy of a Dictatorship: Inside the GDR, 1949-1989 (Oxford, 1998)(amazon)
    • Mary Fulbrook, The People's State: East German Society from Hitler to
      (New Haven: Yale, 2005), 352 pp. H-German Review
    • Corey Ross, The East German Dictatorship: Problems and Perspectives in the Interpretation of the GDR (Arnold, 2002)(amazon)
    • Raymond G. Stokes, Constructing Socialism: Technology and Change in East Germany, 1945-1990 [CEH 38:1(2005) rev by Kees Gispen]
  • Stasi
  • The German Green Party and the Environment
    • Marc Cioc, The Rhine: An Eco-Biography, 1815-2000 (Seattle: Univ. of Washington, 2002)(searchable at amazon)
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