UCSB Hist 133C, L 21:
Building a Mass Movement
by Prof. H. Marcuse, 2/25/04

Again: What brought the wall down?



EIEIO model showing interaction of historical causesEIEIO Model of Causes in History

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300: "the GDR no longer conceived of itself as being in a brief transitional phase in which undesired elements simply represented hangovers from the past. Rather, 'actually existing socialism' would last a long time, and contained its own intrinsic contradictions and difficulties, which head to be recognized, analyzed, and dealt with, rather than dismissed as the debris of past history which would eventually wither away."

308: "Rather than representing a precondition for the development of domestic stability, the new explorations of national identity were rather predicated on the prior transformation and stabilization of the two Germanies, which could now afford, from a distance, to reflect more freely on their past."

Role of Churches

314: "German Lutheranism has frequently been declared a major culprit in preparing the path to Hitler, with fingers pointed at the doctrine of obedience to secular authority."
Nazi churches were complicit in genocide.
East Germany: organizational role.

Precursors to Change

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