UCSB Hist 133C, L 8:
The "4 Ds" of the Potsdam Conference
(also 2 Rs and 2 turn-arounds
by Prof. Marcuse, Jan. 23, 2004
(superceded by Jan. 2006 version)

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What did the Allies do in Germany after WW2?
What were their goals?
How did they attempt to accomplish them?

Question 3

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The Potsdam Conference

  • July 17 - August 2, 1945
  • Main powers:
    • Stalin
    • Truman (Roosevelt died suddenly Apr. 12)
    • Churchill (replaced by Attlee July 28)
  • Ds & Rs
Potsdam Conf: 3 leaders

Denazification "Laundry"

The 4 Ds (5)

  • Demilitarization
    • The Morgenthau plan (never policy, but feared)
  • Denazification ("… is like delousing")
    • West/US: Nuremberg Trials; Hitler
    • Soviet: remove structural causes of Nazism
  • Decartellization: break up the corporate conglomerates (IG Farben, Krupp, Siemens, ...)
  • Decentralization (federation of states)
  • Democratization: What and How?
denazification laundry cartoon

Democracy: E vs. W

1947: Ruhr miners demand socialization of the factories

1947: Student demonstration in Munich (left)

2 Rs (3)

2 Turn-arounds: I

Berlin Blockade: Turnaround II

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