NOTE 1/17/04: This handout has been superceded by a 2004 edition that includs a print-formatted pdf version (link).
UCSB Hist 133C Prof. Marcuse
German History since 1945 Feb. 1, 2000

Handout on Böll: Billiards at Half-Past Nine

Charlotte Faehmel
Heinrich Faehmel
b. 1878
Johanna Kilb
b. 1887
(in asylum since 1942/43)
Captain Friedrich Kilb
d. 1916 
at Verdun
Bruno Kilb
d. 1916
at Verdun
Johanna F.
Heinrich F. 
Robert F.
b. 1915
Edith Schrella
[Alfred] Schrella
Otto F.
b. 1940
(mother tried to kill)
Joseph F. 
b. 1936
Ruth F.
b. 1939

Cast of characters
Leonore: secretary for Robert Faehmel, hired by father Heinrich on his 80th birthday
Jochen Kuhlgamme, b. 1888: desk clerk at Prince Heinrich Hotel
Hugo: busboy at Prince Heinrich Hotel (has Ferdi's spirit, p. 268)
Bernhard "Old Wobbly" Vacano, b. 1900: fat coach, Nazi police commissioner
Ferdi Progulske: Robert's classmate who tried to kill Vacano with a bomb; executed
Erika Progulske: girl in Robert/Schrella's class who sleeps with any guy who wants to
Nettlinger: Robert's classmate, opportunist under Nazis, bigwig in 1958
Trischler: restaurant owner
Schrella father: waiter
General Otto "Field of Fire" Kösters, b. 1885: had abbey levelled in 1945; teaches J. about guns
Dr. Emil "Em" Droescher: Council President, went to school with Johanna Faehmel
Gretz: family that ran the butcher shop under the Kilb family residence

Allegorical symbols
Lambs, Sheep, Shephards, Beasts
Blood: of lambs, or boars
colors: red, white, green
The Abbey (also in effigy as cake): built in 1907, destroyed 1945, rebuilt 1958
The "soulless" game of billiards (ends with adoption of Hugo); note colors
First sexual intercourse of Johanna, Edith and Marianne (note colors)
Heinrich's piles of architectural drawings, sorted by year

Heuss (13): postage stamps (with a picture of West German president Theodor Heuss
rounders: English game similar to baseball
Hölderlin (1770-1843): "Firm in compassion the eternal heart" (in original: suffering together, the eternal heart stays firm)
"everything according to Hoyle": author of popular books about game strategy
How weary these old bones: beginning of a Nazi song (Es zittern die morschen Knochen): the world is afraid of war, and we will keep marching, until everythings breaks to pieces.
124 Latin saying: "Heavens, thaw from above and clouds let justice rain" (Jesiah 45,8)
147 Latin: My guilt, my guilt, my deepest guilt!
150 Latin: "Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return."
239 Latin: "The Lord takes the sacrifice out of your hands" (prayer said by altar boys)