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Courses - Spring 2014
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Title Days Time Place Syllabus
2CWorld History (1700 CE to Present)TR12:30-1:45IV THEA 1DownloadMarcuse
2CHWorld History (1700 CE to Present) HonorsW3:00-3:50HSSB 4020 Marcuse
4BWestern Civilization (1050 CE to 1715 CE)TR12:30-1:45CHEM 1179 Sonnino
4CWestern Civilization (1715 CE to Present)TR3:30-4:45HFH 1104DownloadAkulov
17CThe American People (World War I to the Present)MWF12:00-12:50CAMP HALL Kalman
46Survey of Middle Eastern HistoryTR2:00-3:15IV THEA 2 El-Zatmah
INT 94QXFreshman SeminarsT4:00-4:50GIRV 2123DownloadSpickard
100HHistorical WritingM9:00-11:50HSSB 4041 Cohen
101DDreaming in Cultural ContextTR8:00-9:15HSSB 4020 Plane
106BThe Scientific Revolution, 1500 to 1800TR8:00-9:15GIRV 2119 Daniels
108WWildlife in AmericaTR3:30-4:45GIRV 1115 Alagona
109TTechnology in Modern American HistoryMWF4:00-4:50ARTS 1349 McCray
110PPProseminar on History of Medicine and Public HealthW1:00-3:50HSSB 4202 Soto Laveaga
111TTopics in Greek History: Xenophon (ca. 427-355 BC) and his WorldMW3:30-4:45PHELP 1508 Lee
112ARoman ImperialismWF9:30-10:45TD-W 2600DownloadDigeser
123CEurope Since HitlerMW11:00-12:15ARTS 1356 Lindemann
125Medieval Medicine: The Discourse and Practices of Medicine in the Middle AgesTR11:00-12:15HSSB 4020 Blumenthal
140PProseminar in Early Modern British HistoryW2:00-4:50HSSB 2202 McGee
145BThe Islamic World, II: Expansion and Consolidation, 1000 to 1700MW9:30-10:45HSSB 4020DownloadSabra
145DRDirected Readings in Islamic and Middle Eastern HistoryM2:00-4:50HSSB 4041DownloadSabra
148BColonial Southern AfricaTR9:30-10:45HSSB 4020DownloadChikowero
151CLatin American History (1900 to Present)TR12:30-1:45GIRV 2127DownloadRock
151DRDirected Readings in the History of Latin AmericaW5:00-7:50PHELP 2514 Méndez Gastelumendi
154LBAndean History: The National PeriodTR5:00-6:15GIRV 2123DownloadMéndez Gastelumendi
155AHistory of Portugal (Origins to 1580)W11:00-1:50ARTS 1349 Vallance
157AHistory of Brazil (Colonial)TR12:30-1:45PHELP 3519 Brigidi
159BWomen in American History (1800 to 1900) [cross listed]MW12:30-1:45NH 1111 Crispin (Peralta)
159PProseminar in Women’s HistoryR11:00-1:50HSSB 4041DownloadCase
162America in the Early RepublicW5:00-7:50HSSB 4020DownloadCampbell
164IBAmerican ImmigrationTR2:00-3:15HSSB 4020DownloadSpickard
167QLabor Studies Internship Research SeminarM10:00-12:50HSSB 3201 Smemo
170BA History of Social Policy in the United StatesT6:00-8:50HSSB 4020 Bergstrom
171DThe United States and the World Since 1945TR2:00-3:15ARTS 1353 Yaqub
174CWealth and Poverty in America (World War II to Present)TR12:30-1:45HSSB 4020 O'Connor
174PProseminar in Wealth and Poverty in AmericaW1:00-3:50HSSB 3201 Furner
175AAmerican Cultural HistoryTR9:30-10:45ARTS 1349DownloadJacobson
175BAmerican Cultural HistoryTR2:00-3:15GIRV 1119DownloadJacobson
176DRHistory of Drugs and AlcoholW9:00-11:50HSSB 4080DownloadJacobson
185BChina Since 1911 [cross listed with CHIN 185B]MW5:00-6:15HSSB 4020 Zheng
187CRecent JapanWF3:30-4:45GIRV 1115DownloadMcDonald
187DRDirected Readings in the History of JapanR2:00-4:50HSSB 4041 McDonald
187SThe SamuraiTR11:00-12:15GIRV 2120DownloadRoberts
200WDHistorical Literature: WorldW9:00-11:50HSSB 4041DownloadSpickard
201ASAdvanced Historical Literature: AsiaT9:00-11:50amHSSB 2252 McDonald
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeF2:00-4:00HSSB 3030DownloadDigeser
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeW5:00-7:50HSSB 4041DownloadEnglish
201HSAdvanced Historical Literature: History of Science, Technology and MedicineM11:00-1:50HSSB 4080 Alagona
204Research WorkshopT3:00-5:50HSSB 4041 Zheng
209BThe Academic Profession of HistoryR10:00-12:30HSSB 4080DownloadCohen
213ASeminar in Roman HistoryR9:30-12:30HSSB 2214DownloadDigeser
218CSeminar in Policy HistoryM1:00-3:50HSSB 2202 O'Connor
223ASeminar in Modern European History    Rappaport
292CFoundations of U.S. History, 1917 to PresentW2:00-4:50HSSB 4041 Yaqub
294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50HSSB 4041 Lichtenstein
295Workshop in Environmental HistoryR6:00-9:00HSSB 4041 Alagona