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Courses - Fall 2014
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Title Days Time Place Syllabus
2AWorld History (Prehistory to 1000 CE)MWF8:00-8:50IV THEADownloadBarbieri-Low
2CWorld History (1700 CE to Present)TR2:00-3:15HFH 1104DownloadMarcuse
2CHWorld History (1700 CE to Present) HonorsW3:00-3:50HSSB 3201 Marcuse
4CWestern Civilization (1715 CE to Present)TR3:30-4:45PSYCH 1924DownloadReader
7Great Issues in the History of Public PolicyTR12:30-1:45PSYCH 1924DownloadBergstrom
7HGreat Issues in the History of Public Policy HonorsTBA   Bergstrom
8Introduction to History of Latin AmericaMW2:00-3:15BRDA 1610DownloadSoto Laveaga
9Historical Investigations: Methods and SkillsTR11:00-12:15HSSB 4020 Blumenthal
17AThe American People (Colonial through Jacksonian Era)MWF9:00-9:50IV THEADownloadCrispin (Peralta)
49ASurvey of African History (Prehistory to 1800 CE) [cross listed]TR9:30-10:45IV THEA2DownloadWatkins
87Japanese History Through Art and LiteratureTR11:00-12:15PSYCH 1924DownloadRoberts
108WWildlife in AmericaTR3:30-4:45GIRV 1112 Alagona
111AHistory of Greece (3000 BCE to 750 BCE)MW5:00-6:15pmARTS 1356 Lee
112DThe Roman World in Late AntiquityTR11:00-12:15GIRV 1112DownloadAbrecht
114CHistory of Christianity: 1300 to 1648MW3:30-4:45GIRV 2116DownloadFredona
115XMedieval ScandalsTR9:30-10:45BUCH 1940DownloadLansing
117CWomen, the Family, and Sexuality in the Middle Ages [cross listed]WF9:30-10:45ARTS 1356DownloadFarmer
123AEurope in the Nineteenth CenturyTR9:30-10:45HSSB 4020 Lindemann
123BEurope in War and RevolutionTR12:30-1:45HSSB 4020 Talbott
140AEarly Modern BritainMWF10:00-10:50GIRV 1115DownloadMcGee
140IAThe History of IrelandM2:00-4:50HSSB 4041DownloadMcGee
141BTwentieth-Century BritainMW2:00-3:15BRDA 1640DownloadRappaport
145DWar and Diplomacy in the Middle East: 1876 to PresentMW3:30-4:45GIRV 2119 Humphreys
154LBAndean History: The National PeriodTR5:00-6:15pmHSSB 4020DownloadMéndez Gastelumendi
160BThe American South, 1865 to the PresentMW11:00-12:15TD-W 2600DownloadCase
167CBCapital and Class in 20th Century AmericaTR2:00-3:15IV THEA 2DownloadLichtenstein
168AHistory of the Chicanos [cross listed]MW2:00-3:15HSSB 4020DownloadCastillo-Muñoz
170AA History of Social Policy in the United StatesMW3:30-4:45GIRV 2123DownloadBergstrom
173TAmerican Environmental History [cross listed]MWF11:00-11:50BUCH 1910DownloadGraves
174BWealth and Poverty in America (Civil War to World War II)TR12:30-1:45GIRV 2120DownloadFurner
174PProseminar in Wealth and Poverty in AmericaW1:00-3:50HSSB 2202DownloadFurner
178AAmerican Urban HistoryMW2:00-3:15GIRV 2119DownloadO'Connor
187PProseminar in Japanese HistoryTR2:00-3:15HSSB 2201 Roberts
194AHSenior Honors Seminar [cross listed]M11:00-1:50HSSB 4041DownloadMarcuse
200MEHistorical Literature: Medieval Studies   DownloadEnglish
201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: AmericaT1:00-3:50HSSB 3201DownloadO'Connor
201HSAdvanced Historical Literature: History of Science, Technology and MedicineTBD   Alagona
201HSAdvanced Historical Literature: History of Science, Technology and MedicineT3:00-5:50pmHSSB 4041 Soto Laveaga
202Historical MethodsW5:00-7:50pmHSSB 4041DownloadMéndez Gastelumendi
213BSeminar in Roman HistoryF12:00-2:50HSSB 3001E Digeser
215EResearch Seminar in Medieval Social HistoryM3:30-6:30HSSB 3001E Farmer
223ASeminar in Modern European HistoryW9:00-11:50HSSB 3201 Rappaport
287JReinventing "Japan" ColloquiumW4:00-6:00HSSB 3001E McDonald
292CFoundations of U.S. History, 1917 to PresentT9:00-11:50HSSB 4041DownloadLichtenstein
294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50HSSB 4041DownloadLichtenstein
295Workshop in Environmental HistoryR6:00-9:00pmHSSB 4041 Alagona
295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceM5:30-7:00pmHSSB 4080 McCray