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Courses - Spring 2015
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Title Days Time Place Syllabus
2CWorld History (1700 CE to Present)TR3:30-4:45IV THEADownloadSpickard
4BWestern Civilization (1050 CE to 1715 CE)MWF11:00-11:50PSYCH 1924DownloadMcGee
4CWestern Civilization (1715 CE to Present)TR8:00-9:15IV THEADownloadHasegawa
9Historical Investigations: Methods and Skills "Reagan and the World: U.S. Foreign Relations in the 1980s"T2:00-4:50GIRV 2116 Yaqub
17CThe American People (World War I to the Present)TR11:00-12:15IV THEA Yaqub
20Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern SocietyMWF8:00-8:50CHEM 1171DownloadMcCray
25Violence and the Japanese StateMW12:30-1:45TD-W 2600 Fruhstuck/Fruhstuck
88Survey of South Asian History    Hancock
101GComparative Histories of Same-Sex Practices and Gender VarianceTR5:00-6:15pmHSSB 4020DownloadMiescher
102SSSpecial Topics: The Body and Revolution in Middle East HistoryW2:00-4:50HSSB 4041DownloadSeikaly
104AScience and Religion: Conflict or Collaboration?    Keel
104QThe Eugenics MovementW9:00-11:50HSSB 2201 Keel
112CDisaster and Reform in RomeWF2:00-3:15pmNH 1111 Digeser
121BLate Medieval and Renaissance Europe, 1348 to 1550MWF11:00-11:50NH 1111DownloadBernstein
121PProseminar in Renaissance EuropeW2:00-4:50HSSB 3202DownloadBernstein
123CEurope Since HitlerTR11:00-12:15ARTS 1353DownloadEdgar
125Medieval Medicine: The Discourse and Practices of Medicine in the Middle AgesTR11:00-12:15ARTS 1349DownloadBlumenthal
129BEurope in the Seventeenth Century (1648 to 1685)TR12:30-1:45HSSB 4020 Sonnino
129CEurope in the Seventeenth Century (1685 to 1715)TR3:30-4:45HSSB 4020 Sonnino
135PProseminar in Modern Russian/Soviet HistoryT1:00-3:50HSSB 4202DownloadEdgar
145AThe Middle East I: From the Origins of Islam to the Year 1000TR3:30-4:45GIRV 1116DownloadSabra
145PProseminar in the History of Islamic Studies    Sabra
147GGender and Power in Modern African History [cross listed]MW9:30-10:45TD-W 2600 Watkins
151ALatin American History (1492 to 1800)MW5:00-6:15pmGIRV 2119 Garcia Garagarza
159CWomen in American History (1900 to Present) [cross listed]MW3:30-4:45ARTS 1349DownloadCastillo-Muñoz
160CThe Southern Civil Rights Movement, 1930 to the PresentTR2:00-3:15GIRV 2119DownloadThabet
161BColonial and Revolutionary America (mid-1700s to 1800)MW12:30-1:45ARTS 1349 Crispin (Peralta)
161NEThe Cultural History of New England: 1450-1850    Plane
166BUnited States in the Twentieth Century (1930 to 1959)TR2:00-3:15BUCH 1920DownloadLichtenstein
166DUnited States Since WatergateTR11:00-12:15EMBAR HALL Kalman
167QLabor Studies Internship Research SeminarW1:00-3:50HSSB 3201 Stephens
168PProseminar in Chicano History [cross listed]M12:00-2:50HSSB 4041 Castillo-Muñoz
179ANative American History to 1838M2:00-4:50GIRV 2116 Crispin (Peralta)
184AHistory of China (Ancient Era to 589 CE) [cross listed]TR9:30-10:45ARTS 1356DownloadBarbieri-Low
185BModern China (Since 1911) [cross listed with CHIN 185B]MW5:00-6:15pmARTS 1356DownloadZheng
187CRecent JapanTR3:30-4:45PHELPS 1508DownloadMcDonald
187DRDirected Readings in the History of JapanM2:00-4:50HSSB 2201 McDonald
192DRDirected Readings in Public History: Isla Vista Community History and Historical CommemorationR2:00-4:50HSSB 4202 Plane
193FFood in World HistoryMW9:30-10:45BUCH 1920DownloadRappaport
197PSpecial Topics-Middle East: Family, Gender, and Domesticity in the Pre-Modern Middle EastTR11:00-12:15HSSB 2202DownloadSabra
MEST 200CMedieval Studies Seminar   DownloadEnglish
201AMAdvanced Historical Literature: AmericaT1:00-3:50HSSB 2201 Brooks
201ASAdvanced Historical Literature: Asia    McDonald
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeT10:00-12:50HSSB 4041 Digeser
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeF1:00-3:50pmHSSB 3001EDownloadEnglish
204Research WorkshopW2:00-4:50HSSB 2201 McGee
215FResearch Seminar in Medieval Social HistoryT5:00-7:50pmHSSB 3030 Farmer
266BResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. HistoryW9:00-11:50HSSB 4041 Kalman
287JReinventing "Japan" ColloquiumW4:00-5:30pmHSSB 3001E McDonald
288BSeminar in Japanese HistoryR12:00-2:50HSSB 4041 Roberts
289BSeminar in Chinese HistoryF9:00-11:50HSSB 2252 Barbieri-Low
292AFoundations of U.S. History to 1846T5:00-7:50pmHSSB 4041 Plane
294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50HSSB 4041 Lichtenstein
295Workshop in Environmental HistoryR6:00-9:00pmHSSB 4041 Alagona
295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceM5:30-7:30pmHSSB 4041 McCray