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Courses - Winter 2015
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Title Days Time Place Syllabus
2AWorld History (Prehistory to 1000 CE)TR5:00-6:15PMBUCH 1910 Abrecht
2BWorld History (1000 CE to 1700 CE)TR9:30-10:45CHEM 1179DownloadPlane
4BWestern Civilization (1050 CE to 1715 CE)TR12:30-1:45IV THEADownloadLansing
8Introduction to History of Latin AmericaTR3:30-4:45CHEM 1171DownloadMéndez Gastelumendi
9Historical Investigations: Methods and SkilsTR3:30-4:45PHELP 1444DownloadRoberts
17BThe American People (Sectional Crisis through Progressivism)MWF11:00-11:50MUSIC LLCHDownloadCase
49BSurvey of African History (1800 CE to Present) [cross listed]TR5:00-6:15PMNH 1006DownloadMiescher
80East Asian Civilization [cross listed]TR9:30-10:45NH 1006DownloadJi
109TTechnology in Modern American HistoryMWF3:00-3:50ARTS 1349 McCray
117DRDirected Readings in Medieval HistoryW1:00-3:50HSSB 2201DownloadBlumenthal
117ESociety and Nature in the Middle AgesWF9:30-10:45ARTS 1356DownloadFarmer
118AThe Crusades in Cross-Cultural PerspectivesTR2:00-3:15ARTS 1356DownloadBlumenthal
121ARenaissance Italy, 1300 to 1550MWF2:00-2:50HSSB 4020DownloadBernstein
121QCultures of Renaissance Europe, 1450-1650T2:00-4:50HSSB 4041DownloadBernstein
129AEurope in the Seventeenth Century (1610 to 1648)TR12:30-1:45HSSB 4020 Sonnino
132War and Society Since 1789W1:00-3:50HSSB 4041DownloadTalbott
133DThe Nazi Holocaust and Other GenocidesTR11:00-12:15GIRV 2115DownloadMarcuse
135CHistory of Russia (1917 to Present)TR12:30-1:45PHELP 1508DownloadEdgar
140BEarly Modern BritainMWF9:00-9:50GIRV 2115DownloadMcGee
145CThe Middle East, 1500-1800TR12:30-1:45GIRV 2119DownloadSabra
146History of the Modern Middle EastMW2:00-3:15GIRV 2115DownloadSeikaly
151PProseminar in Latin American HistoryW4:00-6:50HSSB 1210 Méndez Gastelumendi
156BHistory of Mexico (Post Independence)MW9:30-10:45ARTS 1349 Soto Laveaga
166AUnited States in the Twentieth Century (1900 to 1929)TR12:30-1:45GIRV 2123DownloadFurner
166CUnited States in the Twentieth Century (1960 to Present)TR11:00-12:15EMBAR HALL Kalman
168BHistory of the Chicanos [cross listed]MW3:30-4:45HSSB 4020DownloadCastillo-Muñoz
168EHistory of the Chicano Movement [cross listed]TR11:00-12:15ARTS 1349DownloadGarcia
170BA History of Social Policy in the United StatesMW2:00-3:15HSSB 1173DownloadBergstrom
171METhe U.S. and the Middle East Since 1900TR11:00-12:15ARTS 1353 Yaqub
171PProseminar in American Diplomacy and PoliticsT2:00-4:50HSSB 1211 Yaqub
176BThe American WestMW9:30-10:45HSSB 4020DownloadBrooks
177History of CaliforniaMW3:30-4:45BUCH 1920DownloadGraves
178BAmerican Urban HistoryTR2:00-3:15GIRV 2119DownloadO'Connor
185AQing EmpireMW5:00-6:15GIRV 1119DownloadZheng
187BModern JapanTR3:30-4:45PHELP 1160 McDonald
187DRDirected Readings in the History of JapanM2:00-4:50HSSB 2201 McDonald
187SThe SamuraiTR9:30-10:45ARTS 1356DownloadRoberts
194BHSenior Honors Seminar [cross listed]M11:00-1:50HSSB 4041DownloadMarcuse
195IASenior Thesis - Public PolicyT10:00-12:50HSSB 2202 Bergstrom
197DRSpecial Topics - Directed Readings and ResearchR1:00-3:50HSSB 2201 Bergstrom
200ASHistorical Literature: AsiaR4:00-6:50pmHSSB 3030 Zheng
200BMDVST: Medieval Studies Seminar   DownloadEnglish
200WNHistorical Literature: WomenM12:00-2:50HSSB 2002 Castillo-Muñoz
201CAdvanced Historical Literature: ComparativeW9:00-11:50HSSB 3202 Edgar
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeR1:00-3:50pmHSSB 3208 Digeser
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeF1:00-3:50HSSB 2202DownloadEnglish
201EAdvanced Historical Literature: EuropeF9:00-11:50HSSB 3001E Lansing
201HTAdvanced Historical Literature: History of TechnologyT4:00-6:50HSSB 6056 McCray
201MEAdvanced Historical Literature - Middle EastW4:00-6:50HSSB 2202DownloadSabra
201MEAdvanced Historical Literature - Middle EastM4:00-6:50HSSB 4041DownloadSeikaly
201OHAdvanced Historical Literature - Oral Historyw4:00-6:50HSSB 4041 Miescher
201REAdvanced Historical Literature - Race and EthnicityR3:00-5:50HSSB 2202DownloadSpickard
202The idea of History through the AgesR2:00-4:50HSSB 4041 Sonnino
223BSeminar in Modern European HistoryT7:00-9:50PMHSSB 4041 Rappaport
266AResearch Seminar in Recent U.S. HistoryW9:00-11:50HSSB 2202 Kalman
287JReinventing "Japan" Colloquiumw4:00-5:30HSSB 3001E Fruhstuck/McDonald
287LJapanese Readings in HistoryM3:30-6:30pmHSSB 3030 Roberts
288ASeminar in Japanese HistoryR12:00-2:50TBD Roberts
289ASeminar in Chinese HistoryF9:00-11:50HSSB 4080DownloadBarbieri-Low
292BFoundations of U.S. History, 1846 to 1917W1:00-3:50HSSB 2202DownloadFurner
293Space, Culture, PowerT10:00-12:50HSSB 4041 Hancock
294Colloquium in Work, Labor, and Political EconomyF1:00-3:50HSSB 4041DownloadLichtenstein
295Workshop in Environmental HistoryR6:00-9:00PMHSSB 4041 Alagona
295TSWorkshop in the History of Technology and ScienceM5:30-7:00pmHSSB 4080 McCray