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Courses - Summer 2015
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Title Days Time Place Syllabus
2ASESSION B World History (Prehistory to 1000 CE)MTWRF9:30-10:30BUCH 1940 Barbieri-Low
2CSESSION A World History (1700 CE to Present)MTWR9:30-10:45BUCH 1940 Hough
4ASESSION A Western Civilization (Prehistory to 1050 CE)MTWR12:30-1:45ARTS 1349DownloadLinn
4CSESSION B Western Civilization (1715 CE to Present)MTWR3:30-4:45pmARTS 1349 Akulov
17ASESSION A The American People (Colonial through Jacksonian Era)MTWR2:00-3:15pmARTS 1349 Warkentin
17CSESSION B The American People (World War I to the Present)MTWR8:00-9:15BUCH 1920 Hough
20SESSION B Science, Technology, and Medicine in Modern SocietyMTWR2:00-3:15ARTS 1349 Martin, Jennifer
49BSESSION A Survey of African History (1800 CE to Present) [cross listed]MTWR11:00-12:15ARTS 1349 Watkins
56SESSION B Introduction to Mexican HistoryMTW12:30-1:55ARTS 1353 Garcia Garagarza
101SESSION B Historical FictionMTWR3:30-4:35pmHSSB 4041 Massie, E.
112ASESSION A Roman ImperialismMTWR12:30-1:35PHELP 2514 Conrad, D.
112DSESSION B The Roman World in Late AntiquityMTWR5:00-6:05omHSSB 4020 Kegerreis
114ASESSION B History of Christianity: Beginning to 800MTWR9:30-10:35NH 1111 Nofziger, C.
115XSESSION B Medieval ScandalsMTWR12:30-1:35GIRV 2108 Figliulo, J
117CSESSION A Women, the Family, and Sexuality in the Middle Ages [cross listed]MTWR9.30-10:35HSSB 4080 Hanson, S.
123BSESSION A Europe in War and RevolutionMTWR2:00-3:05HSSB 4020 Griffith, B.
132SESSION B War and Society Since 1789MTWR3:30-4:35pmHSSB 4020 Rocha, J.
162SESSION B America in the Early RepublicMTWR12:30-1:35PHELP 3523 Warden, P.
166BSESSION A United States in the Twentieth Century (1930 to 1959)MTWR9:30-10:45HSSB 4020 Smemo, K.
169MSESSION B History of Afro-American ThoughtMTWR11:00-12:05NH 1111 Roose, H.
174BSESSION A Wealth and Poverty in America (Civil War to World War II)MTWR3:30-4:35PHELP 2514 Sonti, S.
175DSESSION A American Family HistoryMTWR3:30-4:35pmGIRV 2129 Stohler, J.
176BSESSION A The American WestMTWR2:00-3:05GIRV 2129 Barba, P.
177SESSION B History of CaliforniaMTW9:30-10:55ARTS 1353 Graves
187SSESSION A The SamuraiMTWR12:30-1:35HSSB 4020 Shmagin, V.