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Courses - Summer 2014
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Title Days Time Place Syllabus
2BWorld History (1000 CE to 1700 CE) SESSION AMTWR8:00-9:20ARTS 1349 Plane
2CWorld History (1700 CE to Present) SESSION AMTWR2:00-3:15HFH 1104 Spickard
4AWestern Civilization (Prehistory to 1050 CE) SESSION AMTWR9:30-10:50BUCH 1940 Daniels
4BWestern Civilization (1050 CE to 1715 CE) SESSION AMTWR11:00-12:20ARTS 1353 Lansing
4CWestern Civilization (1715 CE to Present) SESSION BMTWR3:30-4:50BUCH 1910 Akulov
17BThe American People (Sectional Crisis through Progressivism) SESSION BMTWR2:00-3:20ARTS 1353DownloadCampbell
17CThe American People (World War I to the Present) SESSION BMTWR12:30-1:50PSYCH 1924 Delgadillo, C
49ASurvey of African History (Prehistory to 1800 CE) [cross listed] SESSION AMTWR12:30-1:50ARTS 1356 Watkins, S
101Historical Fiction SESSION BMTWR11:00-12:20NH 1111 Abrecht, R
105AThe Atomic Age SESSION AMTWR2:00-3:20GIRV 2129 Hough, K
108OHistory of the Oceans SESSION BMTWR5:00-6:20HSSB 4020 Martin, J
111CHistory of Greece (323 BCE to 31 BCE) SESSION BMTWR3:30-4:50HSSB 4020 Kegerreis, C
112BThe Roman Revolution SESSION AMTWR3:30-4:50GIRV 2108 Conrad, D
114BHistory of Christianity: 800 to 1300 SESSION AMTWR12:30-1:50GIRV 1116DownloadTurtledove
115The Fall of Rome and the Birth of Europe, 300 to 1050 SESSION AMTWR11:00-12:20HSSB 4020 Dowling, A
119The Crusades and the Near East, 1095 to 1291 SESSION BMTWR2:00-3:20HSSB 4020 Al-Sabagh, M
132War and Society Since 1789 SESSION AMTWR3:30-4:50HSSB 4020 Rocha, J
141ANineteenth-Century Britain SESSION BMTWR11:00-12:20HSSB 4020 Baillargeon, D
146WWomen and Gender in Middle Eastern History SESSION BMTWR11:00-12:20PHELP 2514 Yusufjonova, Z
162America in the Early Republic SESSION BMTWR3:30-4:50PHELP 2514 Zeledon, J
167CBHistory of the American Working Class, 1900-Present SESSION BMTWR2:00-3:15PHELP 2514 Staff
167CBHistory of the American Working Class, 1900-Present SESSION AMTWR12:30-1:50HSSB 4020 Stephens, C
168CAsian American History, 1850-1965 SESSION BMTWR2:00-3:20HSSB 4041 Stohler, J
174CWealth and Poverty in America (World War II to Present) SESSION AMTWR9:30-10:50HSSB 4020 Walker, D
177History of California SESSION BMTWR9:30-10:50ARTS 1353DownloadGraves
179ANative American History to 1838 SESSION AMTWR2:00-3:20HSSB 4020 Warkentin, J
187SThe Samurai SESSION BMTWR9:30-10:50HSSB 4020 Bender, E