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Verónica Castillo-Muñoz

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Current Courses

Winter 2012 (tentative)

Spring 2012 (tentative)

Winter 2013 (tentative)

Spring 2013 (tentative)

Fall 2014 (tentative)

Winter 2015 (tentative)

Spring 2015 (tentative)

  • History 159C
    Women in American History (1900 to Present) [cross listed]
  • History 168P
    Proseminar in Chicano History [cross listed]

Winter 2016 (tentative)

Spring 2016 (tentative)

Department Fields


Required books for History 168A (Fall 2014) are now posted

Current Graduate Students

The Mexico-U.S. Borderlands, Comparative Immigration, Mexican History, Gender, and Chicana/o History

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

Office: 4238
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I study transnational migration to Mexico and Mexican migration to the United States. My current project, "The Other California," examines family labor, and Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, American, and European migration to Baja California (1850-1952). I am particularly interested in analyzing the intersections of race, gender, regional, and transnational migration in the Mexico-U.S. borderlands. I am also beginning a second project that examines the historical roots of rural Mexican migration to border communities in Mexico and the United States.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Gender History
  • Labor History
  • Chicana/o History
  • Transnational Migration and Family History

Current Projects

  • The Other California: Transnational Lives and Family Identities in the Baja California Borderlands
    Book (under contract UC Press)
  • “Beyond Red-Light Districts: Agrarian Struggles and Transnational Labor in the Mexico-U.S. Borderlands.”
    Article in edited volume, Borderlands and Studies in Europe and North America (under contract with University of Nebraska Press)
  • "Intermarriage and the Making of a Multicultural Society in the Baja California Borderlands"
    Article (under review)
  • The Revolutionary Politics of American Investment and Land Reform in Northwestern Mexico, 1870-1930.
    Book project
  • "The Long History of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: An Interdisciplinary Aproach to U.S. History."
    Article in progress

Selected Publications

  • "Historical Roots of Rural Migration: Agrarian Reform and the Displacements of Rural Farmers in Nayarit, Mexico, 1900-1952."
    The Journal of Mexican Studies/ Estudios Mexicanos (University of California Press), 2013

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  • History 168 A
    History of the Chicanos (cross listed). The history of the Chicanos, 1821 to the present; traces the social-cultural lifeline of the Mexicans who have lived north of Mexico.
  • History 200WN
    Historical Literature: Women. A reading course in a general area of history, specifically designed to prepare M.A. candidates for their comprehensive examination fields, but also appropriate for Ph.D. students seeking broad preparation.
  • History 168B
    Proseminar. History of the Chicanos (cross listed).

Honors and Professional Activities

  • Hellman Fellow 2014-15
  • UC President's Research Fellowship in the Humanities
  • UC Regent's Faculty Fellowship
  • UC Mexus Research Fellowship
    University of California
  • UC President's Postdocoral Fellowship
    Department of History, University of California, San Diego
  • The Peggy Marudin Research Fellowship
  • UC Graduate Fellowship