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Sunny Lim

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Current Courses

Spring 2012 (tentative)


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US History

Ph.D. Candidate

Office: South Hall 4431-N

Advisor: Nelson Lichtenstein

My research focuses on San Francisco longshoremen during the period between 1959 and 1980 when mechanization and containerization was introduced, the process of which changed work cultures and power relations on the waterfront. It studies especially the lives of “B” status workers who were "partially registered” but whose number was increased during the period. Many of them were black and young workers. It revisits the history of particularly eighty-two “B men” who in 1963 lost their jobs without just cause and who subsequently organized various struggles for their reinstatement, including a legal battle against both the union and their employers that lasted seventeen years. This study will extract lessons from the stories of the B men regarding how to build union democracy by examining the role of the union in promoting or undermining the culture of solidarity at the grassroots level in the workplace as well as in the community.

Teaching Fields

  • U.S. Modern History
  • History of Working People

Courses Taught

  • History 167Q: Labor Studies Internship Seminar
    UCSB Spring 2011, 2012

Teaching Assistantships

  • Black Studies 3: African Studies
    UCSB Winter 2012, Winter 2014
  • Black Studies 4: Critical Introduction to Race and Racism
    UCSB Fall 2013, Winter 2013, & Fall 2012,
  • Black Studies 7 : Caribbean Studies
    UCSB Spring 2013
  • Black Studies 5: Blacks and Western Civilization
    UCSB Fall 2011
  • History 17B : United States 1830-1920
    UCSB Winter 2010, Winter 2011
  • History 17A: The American People until 1830
    UCSB Fall 2010
  • History 17C : United States Since 1920
    UCSB Spring 2010
  • History 2C: World History Since 1700
    UCSB Fall 2009
  • History 102: Western Civilization Since 1660
    Texas A&M University Spring 2006


  • Review of Earning Power: Women and Work in Los Angeles, 1880-1930 by Eileen V. Wallis. Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas Vol. 9, No. 1 (Spring 2012): 154-156.
  • “Voices of Asian Americans: Stories of Identity and Struggle”
    [Review of Steve Louis and Glenn K. Omatsu, eds., Asian American: The Movement and the Moment (Los Angeles: UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press, 2006)], Against the Current Vol. 23, No. 4 (September/October 2008), pp. 40-41.
  • “Korean Unionists Protest Free Trade Agreement with U.S.”
    Labor Notes, August 2007, No. 341, pp. 1, 6.


  • History Associates William H. Ellison Prize
    May 2009
  • California Labor and Employment Research Fund Mini Grant
    March 2009

Conference Papers

  • “Gendering the Picket Line during the Labor Dispute in Los Angeles, 1933-1939”
    43rd annual conference of the Western Association of Women Historians, April 2011

Membership & Work Experiences