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John W.I. Lee

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Current Courses

Spring 2009 (tentative)

  • History 197JL
    Insurgencies, Rebellions, and Guerrilla Warfare in Historical Perspective
  • History 2A
    World History (Prehistory to 1000 CE)

Winter 2010 (tentative)

Fall 2010 (tentative)

Winter 2011 (tentative)

Winter 2012 (tentative)

Spring 2012 (tentative)

Fall 2012 (tentative)

Winter 2013 (tentative)

Spring 2013 (tentative)

Fall 2013 (tentative)

Winter 2014 (tentative)

Spring 2014 (tentative)

  • History 111T
    Topics in Greek History: Xenophon (ca. 427-355 BC) and his World

Fall 2014 (tentative)

Fall 2015 (current)

Winter 2016 (tentative)

Department Fields


Ancient Mediterranean Studies Ph.D. Emphasis
Our interdisciplinary program brings together scholars from six different UCSB departments.

Internet Resources for Ancient History and Classics
Links to databases, bibliographies, and other research tools for studying ancient history.

Achemenet & Musée Achéménide
Essential research tools, publications, and information for the study of Achaemenid Persia. Site directed by Prof. Pierre Briant.

Collège de France: Achaemenid History video and audio lectures
Watch lectures by Pierre Briant, Mark Garrison, and Michael Jursa

Encyclopedia Iranica
A research tool for studying Iranian civilization from ancient times to the present.

Association of Ancient Historians
The AAH is the premier organization of Ancient History professionals in the United States and Canada.

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
The ASCSA is the base for U.S. classical studies teaching and research in Greece.

Attic Inscriptions Online
Translations and commentaries for hundreds of inscriptions!

War: A Documentary by Gwynne Dyer
A thought-provoking 1983 TV series on warfare and warriors, from ancient to modern times.

UCSB Supports Student Veterans
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Current Graduate Students

Ancient Greece, Achaemenid Persia,
History of Warfare

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Cornell University, 1999

Office: HSSB 4210
Phone: (805) 893-5681   Fax: (805) 893-7671

I study the history of ancient West Asia, including Greece and Achaemenid Persia. My research focuses on war and culture in the Greek and Achaemenid world from ca. 650-330 BC. I'm interested in the social and cultural aspects of ancient warfare as well as in the equipment, tactics, and logistics of ancient armies. (more...)

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Ancient Greece & West Asia
  • Achaemenid Persia
  • History of Warfare
  • Archaeology and Epigraphy
  • World History

Current Projects

  • Civil War, Revolt, and Rebellion in Achaemenid Persia
  • War and Society in the West Anatolian Borderlands, ca. 650-330 BC
  • Achaemenid Persian Military Equipment & Tactics
  • ARCHE Project: Advanced Research in the Comparative History of Empires
    Digital Athenian Empire and online atlas of Achaemenid Persia

Selected Publications

Honors and Awards

Professional Activities

  • Summer Session Director, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2009
  • Director, UCSB Summer Travel-Study Program on Crete, 2007
  • Vice-President, Santa Barbara Society, Archaeological Institute of America

Archaeological Fieldwork

  • Mitrou Archaeological Project
    Field School Co-Director, 2005.
  • Cornell Halai and East Lokris Project
    Excavation Staff, 1999-2003.

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

  • History 2A: World Civilizations to 1000 CE
    An introduction to the early civilizations of Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean, and Oceania. Next offered: TBA.
  • History 111A: Early Greece, 3000-750 BC
    Topics include Neolithic culture in the Aegean, Bronze Age Minoan & Mycenaean civilization, the Late Bronze Age international system, the historicity of the Trojan War, and early Iron Age Greece. Last offered: Fall 2014.
  • History 111B: The Archaic and Classical Greek World, 750-323 BC
    Topics include the polis ("city-state"), Greek-Persian interactions, the society and culture of classical Greece, the Peloponnesian War, and the rise of Macedon. Next offered: Winter 2016.
  • History 111C: The Hellenistic World, 323-30 BC
    Topics include the campaigns of Alexander, the formation of the Hellenistic kingdoms, Greek federal states, Hellenistic science and technology, and ethnicity and culture in the Hellenistic world.
  • History 111E: The Eastern Greek World, ca. 750-330 BC
    Topics include the development of the eastern Greek poleis, Anatolian state formation, interactions between Greeks and non-Greeks in western Anatolia, and the effects of empire.
  • History 111F: Achaemenid Persia, 559-330 BC
    Ancient Persia from Cyrus to Alexander. Topics include the development of Achaemenid imperialism, economic and social history of the empire, art and architecture, and cultural interactions amongst Persians, Greeks, and others. Next offered: Fall 2015.
  • History 111P: Proseminar in Greek History
    Research seminar for history majors. Participants write a 15-20 page paper.
  • History 111T: Topics in Greek History
    Upper-division lecture course; topics vary by quarter. Most recent topic: The Age of Xenophon, ca. 430-350 BC.
  • History 201E: Reading Seminar in Greek History
    Recent topics: Historiography of Classical Greece; Houses and Households in Classical Greece.
  • History 211A & 211B: Research Seminar in Ancient History
    Next offered: Fall 2015-Winter 2016. Topic: Civil War, Revolt, and Rebellion in the Greek & Achaemenid World.