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Bonnie Harris

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Current Courses

Summer 2010 (tentative)

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Website of Bonnie M. Harris
Please visit my personal website at for extensive readings and postings regarding my PhD dissertation research and international sites of Holocaust Memorialization and Commemoration.

October 25, 2009 PARALLEL JOURNEYS: The Search for Cantor Joseph Cysner and the Philippine Rescue of Refugee Jews
I have been invited to present my research on the story of Joseph Cysner and the rescue of Jews in the Philippines at Temple Beth Israel in San Diego, CA.

May 17-19, 2009 Int'l Workshop "Jewish Perspectives on Forced Emigration’ (1938/39 to 1941) until Deportation and Ghettoization
I have been invited to present my research at the Institute for the History of German Jews in Hamburg concerning the immigration of European Jews to the Philippines as an escape from the Holocaust.

2008 Silberman Seminar for Advanced Holocaust Studies, USHMM
In June, I participated in the 2008 Silberman Seminar at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Wash DC.Twenty of us from around the world were invited to share our research interests at the Center.

October 28, 2008 "See You Next Year in Jerusalem" Exhibit, Zbaszyn Poland
I was invited to collaborate in an exhibit and to participate in its debuting commemorative event in Zbaszyn, Poland marking the 70th anniversary of the Polenaktion, the mass expulsion of Polish Jews from Nazi Germany prior to the start of WWII.

Public History

B.A., San Diego State University; M.A., San Diego State University; Ph.D. UCSB 2009
Phone: 893-3636   

I was hooded in June 2009 and filed my dissertation the next week: "From Zbaszyn to Manila: The Holocaust Odyssey of Joseph Cysner and Refugee Rescue in the Philippines." My doctoral dissertation is the first academic study of the rescue of German refugee Jews from the Holocaust by the Jewish Community of Manila. I am already in contract with a publisher and have began revisions for the book.My academic field of study is Modern European Jewish History, with an emphasis in Holocaust History and Memorialization. (more...)

Dissertation Title

Teaching Fields

  • Ancient Civilizations and World History
  • Holocaust History and Memorialization
  • History of Western Civillization & American Civilization
  • Modern Jewish History & Modern German History
  • Public History

Courses Taught

  • The Holocaust and its Memorialization, UCSB
    History of the Holocaust with national and international considerations for its continued memorialization
  • History of the Holocaust in Europe, UCSB
    A detailed look at the Destruction of the Jews of Europe by the Nazi-led perpetrators of WWII.
  • Modern German History, UCSB
    History of Germany from its post WWII division into East and West nations to its reunification after the fallof the Berlin Wall.
  • Old Testament, BYU Idaho Online Learning
    Study of the Torah - the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible.
  • Early World History, Grossmont College
    Ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Levant, India, China, Greece, Rome, the Old and New Worlds.
  • Modern World History, Grossmont College
    The histories of Medieval and Modern World Civilizations from 1500 to the present.
  • American Civilization I, Southwestern College
    Study of the settling of the Western Hemisphere, its Age of Discovery and Conquest by the European powers, and the founding of the United States of America.
  • American Civilization II, Southwestern College
    Study of the United States of America from its era of Reconstruction after the Civil War to the present.
  • Western Civilization I to 1500, Southwestern College
    The history of Western Civilization from ancient origins to the conclusion of the Renaissance.
  • Ancient Near Eastern History, San Diego State University
    Civilizations of ancient Sumer, Egypt, Anatolia, Assyria, Babylon, Canaan, Israel, Minoans

Teaching Assistantships

  • Humanities 101, San Diego State University
    Political, artistic, and social legacies of the Classical World of Greco-Roman Culture in Western Civilization


  • Blessed Deliverance: Joseph Cysner's Philippine Rescue from the Holocaust
    Cambria Press, Amherst, New York, IP
  • “Jewish Refugee Rescue in the Philippines”
    Wallstein-Verlag, Göttingen, Germany, Fall 2010
  • "Zbaszyn Imprisonment and the Memoir of Cantor Joseph Cysner"
    in "See You Next Year in Jerusalem" anthology, Zbaszyn, Poland, Fall 2010
  • “The Polenaktion of October 28, 1938: Prelude to Kristallnacht and Pattern for Deportation”
    chapter in Holocaust Persecution: Responses and Consequences, edited by Nancy Rupprecht and Wendy Koenig, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, London, 2010.
  • “From German Jews to Polish Refugees: Germany’s Polenaktion and the Zbaszyn Deportations of October 1938”
    Jewish History Quarterly, Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, August 2009


  • Robert L. Kelley Fellowship in Public History
    UC Santa Barbara, History Department
  • Javits Dissertation Fellowship
    UC Santa Barbara Graduate Division
  • Curt C. & Else Silberman Seminar in Advanced Holocaust Studies
    United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Wash. D.C.
  • Jacob K. Javits Graduate Fellowship
    U.S. Department of Education, Full 4 year Fellowship
  • The Mary Ward Memorial Award in Archival Preservation
    Congress of History for San Diego and Imperial Counties


  • "Jewish Historical Society of San Diego – Research Opportunities”
    Photo Exhibit at the Assoc. of Jewish Studies Conference, San Diego, December 2006
  • “Congregation Beth Israel in Three Centuries”
    Permanent Exhibit at Temple Beth Israel, La Jolla, San Diego, August 2005


  • "Parallel Journeys: The Search for Cantor Joseph Cysner and the Philippine Rescue of Refugee Jews"
    Agency for Jewish Education, Congregastion Beth Israel, San Diego, October 2009
  • "From Zbaszyn to Manila: Refugee Rescue in the Philippines"
    Int'l Conf. Jewish Force Migration, Hamburg Germany, May 2009
  • “Cantor Cysner & Zbaszyn’s Forgotten Victims”
    70th Anniversary Memorial, Zbaszyn, Poland, October 28, 2008
  • “The Polenaktion & the Zbaszyn Deportation and Internment”
    Lessons & Legacies X, Evanston, Illinois, October 2008
  • “Rescue in the Philippines”
    Beth Yaakov Synagogue, Makati, Philippines, February 2007